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Ancient Sites and Travel Destinations Near Pamukkale



Pamukkale is a small town better known with its hot springs and calcium carbonade covered white terraces has a lot more than this to offer.

There are 17 hot water resources in Pamukkale. When they reach to the top of the terraces, they start to loose carbon dioxide and calcium bicarbonade is deposited. So day by day the rivers shaped this natural wonder for centuries. Today the beauty of Pamukkale shining from sunrise to sunset in front of the eyes of thousands of visitor. Also the pool decorated with marble pillars and filled with hot spring waters is a good place to see the healing powers of hot springs of Pamukkale.



Helens built a mighty city of just above these hot springs with healing power. They called it “Holy City” Hieropolis. With rich marble quarries, Hierapolis had a sculpture school, so this ancient city is a must see if you go to Pamukkale.



Karahayit, similar to Pamukkale has hot spring waters as well. Because of the minerals in the water, the terraces have red, green or brown colors. But it is called Red Water generally.

Kaklik Cave:

Kaklik Cave

Kaklik Cave is another mysterious beauty located near Pamukkale. It is a cave shaped by hot spring waters into the limestone. The cave has calcium terraces of different colors and shapes. Also there are some plantations in the cave as well. It is only 40 km from Pamukkale.



Laodicea is 10 km south of Hierapolis is an important ancient site and one of the Seven Churches of Revelation. It is indicated as church of lukewarm faith and warned to repent. Today the ruins stay out of Denizli. It is another historical value lies near to Pamukkale.



Aphrodisias was a small city without importance in Caria. But in Helenistic and Roman period, the city prospered. Because Aphrodite has a unique cult here it is named after the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Now it is one of the best protected ancient cities in Turkey.



Ephesus used to be a very important port city in 6th century BC. It is no longer a port city, actually an inland site but the Ephesus Ruins are a very important part of history. Artemis Temple and Virgin Marry’s House are located very close to Ephesus. It is only 180 km from Pamukkale.



Cappadocia “the land of beautiful horses” is a unique place with its moonlike landscape of Zelve, fairy chimneys of Dervent Valley, Urgup and Goreme, rock carved houses and churches of Goreme, Cavusin and Pasabag and mysterious underground cities of Kaymakli and Derinkuyu one of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey. It is only 10 hours bus ride from Pamukkale and it is very easy to find overnight buses from Pamukkale to Cappadocia.